Canopy Construction has DISSOLVED

with founder and sole owner Bart Bouricius' retirement

This domain name is for SALE

I always knew Bart's first associate grabbed credit for other's people hard work, even claiming credit for the founding of HIS canopy company. She had nothing to due with this web site's name, registration, design, content or maintenance.

She has never been involved in the design, costing, ordering, scheduling, construction, hiring any workers or even maintenance/inspections.


Her first husand divorced her when he caught her commiting adultery in his bed in Australia. She evens brags about this to others and calls him nothing more than a sperm donor in her autobiography. I ended our engagement because I found out she was cheating on me and was not remorseful in the least. Because of her bragging, I now know she cheated the whole time with him. She married the guy (for his money) she cheated on him the whole time too. Being a lawyer, he was smart enough to get a prenuptial agreement. An Internet background check yields SEVEN lawsuits (two she has already lost) against her for claiming work/projects that weren't hers.

I became another victim of her lies and trash talk in the years following and continuing to this day. The worst of the trash talk is her LIE about getting me to commit adultery. She has openly and freely admitted her immoral infidelty directly to several people. In an attempt to extort me into hiding the truth, she continues telling lies (with embellishments) about making me commit adultery on work trips during the 2000's. Her list of sins does NOT include me in any way, shape or form. And she brags about stealing my photos and presenting/selling them as hers. She has done this to other photographers as well (resulting in lawsuits against her).

I have turned the other cheek too long. Get out and stay out of my life. Stop lying to and asking my friends for money.

Avoid the Glory Hog

Don't get fooled